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One of the things I had noted earlier was that the HDMI output resolution is fixed at 720p (1280×720) and there was no documented way of setting a new resolution. There was a posting in the comments at Sparkfun that a script for setting the resolution was being worked on. Well, I decided to take a look at it myself and see what was required. It is actually quite simple once you have the right tools. With a little research, I had my display running at 1080p (1920×1080). Read more…

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Finally some time to get my new pcDuino set up. Connected a USB keyboard, USB mouse to the USB ports. Plugged in to my network, connected the monitor to the HDMI port, and applied power. Green LED and nothing… Then, about 20 seconds later, the monitor showed a LXDE desktop. I reread the documentation and saw the statement that there is no display on the monitor until the boot process completes. I was used to all my other Linux systems (Raspberry Pi included) that display output the boot messages to the default display while starting up. Read more…