Today I connected up a my prototype board for an I2C experiment with the pcDuino. Blinky Lights!

YouTube video of simple I2C parallel port test using Python. Read more…


pcDuino Setup

Finally some time to get my new pcDuino set up. Connected a USB keyboard, USB mouse to the USB ports. Plugged in to my network, connected the monitor to the HDMI port, and applied power. Green LED and nothing… Then, about 20 seconds later, the monitor showed a LXDE desktop. I reread the documentation and saw the statement that there is no display on the monitor until the boot process completes. I was used to all my other Linux systems (Raspberry Pi included) that display output the boot messages to the default display while starting up. Read more…


My pcDuino was deliverd while I was at work. I came home this evening to find the distinctive Sparkfun red box waiting for me. I could not wait to confirm that everything had arrived. Opening the box revealed the packing list, packing materials, and an anti-static bag with the pcDuino inside… That’s it! The pcDuino was just begging to be removed, connected, and powered on… And I had to go out to dinner with the family. Later.



I was browsing the Sparkfun web site this week and saw they had added the pcDuino as a new product. At $59USD this looked to be an excellent addition to my ARM based small development boards that run a “real” OS. The pcDuino comes preloaded with Ubuntu Linux and also supports Android. Read more…


Working from home

Shanna seems to have brought home some minor contagion that just could not resist me.  Left work early yesterday with a low grade fever that seems to be persisting through today.  I’m not ill enough to avoid work, but I do not want to spread this around to others.  I’ll probably be back at the office tomorrow.

I’m also taking the opportunity to update my blog/Twitter/Facebook interconnectivity…  Why post multiple times?



Went to Medina to ride in the Friendsville Freebie Fifty (Fall Foliage & Frostbite Frolic). It was windy and cold! Weather forecast said we were supposed to have sunshine but I wasn’t able to catch it. Took the shortcut after the cider stop with Count DracuLou for a 28 mile ride.

Check out the map log from Garmin Connect… I am slow!


Tested the ride to work with Cody today. Shanna joined us for the ride too. We did a quick mini tour of Cleveland’s water front at Brown’s stadium and the Rock Hall. We stopped at Jenny’s and visited for a break on the way back.

37 miles of riding in 3 1/2 hours at an 11 mph average pace.

View Cleveland mini tour in a larger map