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My daughter Shanna and her boyfriend (“prospective future son-in-law”) went biking with me. They rode the tandem together for the first time. Great entertainment fun!

Update: This had been posted on trailguru.com, which is defunct. If I locate a copy of the GPS file, I will repost…

I would have suggested one of the shorter ride options, but they insisted we take the “long” route. When we started out there were about 15 riders together. At the end of the first hill, the last two riders in our group moved on. Though it was a social ride, we were just moving too slow. I stayed with them and we made it through the route. I was really happy with their performance. For not riding regularly and choosing the longer route, they performed well on the tandem.

It was just getting dark when we got back to the cars and headed out to meet the rest of the riders for dinner at Memories in Richfield. When we went in and sat down, everyone else was just finishing their meals! Everyone stayed for a while and talked while were waiting for our food.

We had a wonderful ride, beat the bad weather, and had good company afterward!

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