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What a weekend

It was an interesting weekend.

After I finished work on Saturday, Brenda and I had plans to go to a wine tasting – and hot tub party.  Don and Lois have been hosting this as an annual gathering for years. It would be good to spend some time with friends, have good food, and sample the wines.  On my way home, I picked up a wine for the wine exchange and steal and some ingredients for the covered dish I was fixing.

Thought I would be able to relax with Brenda and then do the cooking and have a fun evening.  So much wishful thinking!  When I got home Brenda had other ideas.  She was having problems with her blog (Oh! Gemma) that needed my attention.  The blog was fine, but she has ventured into the world of electronic publishing and was trying to make her work available for purchase and download.  Not difficult, but something unfamiliar.

In the middle of “patiently” helping her with image editing and file uploading, I get a call… from my daughter… “Dad…” it starts out and she is cut off.  Uh-oh!  This opening is never good.  I call her back and she tells me there has been an accident – no one is hurt, but she needs me there.  Long story short – she was slow to brake and hit another car in the rear when they stopped unexpectedly.  The car she hit proceeded to hit another car.  Three cars involved, no reported injuries, and low speeds. My daughter had to have her car towed, the others were driven home by the owners.  I handled the initial insurance claim call and then we went home. Time for some of that wine!

Went home and fixed my chicken with rice dish and off to the party.  No dwelling on the accident, it is up to the insurance company now.

It was a great evening!


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